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Looking for acquiring IT Company

Business Description

Looking for acquiring IT Company with employee strength of 150 plus anywhere in India for one of USA MNC.


Industry Software & IT Services
Location Mumbai
Buy / Investment Range ₹ 30 Cr. to ₹ 50 Cr.
Designation Director

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    Buyer is a rapidly growing CMMI level3 global software services company bulld1ng customized business solutions for its enterprise clients in U S., Germany and Middle East. It is a $40mn market cap company traded at National Stock Exchange of India. For the current fiscal the company aims to surpass $30mnin revenue and a team size of 1000 professionals. The purpose of acquisition will be: • To increase our onsite footprint in the US or Europe through increased services portfolio • Companies that can deepen our existing competencies o Service Now o Sales force o User Experience o RPA/Dev Ops • Companies that can add new competencies to our portfolio • Artificial intelligence Enterprise cloud platform like Azure, AWS, Work Day etc.
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