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Reason for Investment

ABC IT Company into Banking FINTECH Software Solutions For Sale


Industry Software & IT Services
Location Pune
Sale Value/Investment Value ₹ 22 Cr.
Revenue Detains ₹ 1 Cr. +
Asset Size ₹ 4 Cr.
Transaction type Wholly Sale


Financials Details of the Company document
Financials Details of the Company document

Business Description

RBI Guidelines for Core Banking Implementation for every bank in India In total, 1500+ cooperative banks in India.
Growing business needs forcing every bank to adopt core banking system and replace existing software
As a part of national growth policy, Government of India is promoting Financial Inclusion, Self Help Groups and Microfinance institutions. They are our prospects
To cater to the ever growing customer needs most banks are looking out for change in core banking solutions 
Core Banking solution has as its integral part delivery channels like ATM, POS and SWITCH
Core Banking Solution works as a Decision Support System through real time MIS and is a basic requirement of every bank

Multi channel integration capability
Centralized Interest and charge Engine
User friendly, Browser based Application
Transactional Interface to external entities
Day begin and day end operations can be performed as per PACS Parameterization
Centralized user and menu management , Role based User based access control
Highly secured, providing security and detailed audit trail/log of all transaction details
Comprehensive Password Management
Centralized MIS for Decision and Support
Centralized Interest and charge Engine
Integration with PDS related services and other processes
Linkage/interface for Insurance business
Large Market Opportunity
Scalable Business
Prominent Market Differentiation
Proven Product
Strong understanding of customers
Well Defined Marketing Strategy
Financial Plan leading to profitability
Plans for Intellectual Property Generation

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