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meet the team

Our team brings a breadth of experience in selling and buying stake / businesses within the mergers & acquisitions market. Providing a top level customer experience is key to Company Becho.

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Pramod Kumar Ladda

Lead Consultant

Pramod holds a First Class Honours degree in Law and is a practising Company Secretary and has an excellent network of key decision makers in a broad array of businesses.

Since the inception of the business Pramod has brokered many deals from small, medium and large businesses.

Pramod has an in-depth knowledge of companies operating within the finance sector including accountancy practices, corporate service providers, I.T. and more.

Confidentiality is key so get in touch with him today to discuss your requirements.

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Neha Maheshwari


Neha holds a Diploma In Architecture Assistantship, from Haryana University where she learnt a variety of skills during her time there.

Neha has strong organization and research based skills which are put to good use getting hold of the right people for the right businesses.

She understands that to get the best for both buyer and sellers one must be organized and efficient with their time.

Neha has strong analytical skills and is well networked across the business community. She understands true confidentiality and professionalism, which is what clients of Company Becho expect when selling or buying a business.

Subhash Gujar

Senior Consultant

Subhash Gujar is a highly accomplished and visionary businessman with extensive expertise in the fields of retail, distribution, and brand building. With a proven track record of success, he has played a pivotal role in shaping and transforming numerous companies into thriving enterprises.

Subhash Gujar holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Pune University. He has continued to enhance his knowledge through executive education programs, industry conferences, and ongoing professional development.

Apart from his corporate experience, Subhash has also embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, where he has launched and scaled successful businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his extensive knowledge of retail, distribution, and brand building, has allowed him to identify market gaps and capitalize on emerging opportunities. He has an innate ability to spot trends and translate them into innovative business concepts, resulting in the creation of profitable ventures 

Raja Narasimhan


Raja Narasimhan is the Founder Director of Sare Jahan Se Acha Foundation (a Sec 8 Not for Profit Company) and has 20+ years of experience in Banking and Technology. He has served American Express, Infosys and Kanbay in senior positions. Raja specializes in IT Environment/Application Production Support services in Financial Services Industry; Startup; Social Entrepreneur

The taste of entrepreneurship caught him 15 years ago and launched brands like Kremes n Krusts (a top of the line Bakery & Confectionery) and Bow Bow Products & Services Pvt Ltd (eCommerce platform).  

He conducts sessions like ‘A to Z Life Lessons’ which addresses pre-career preparedness value-based talk for PG students and Leadership Lessons from Animal Kingdom.

Nature and animals fascinate him. He has been working towards a Better India by promoting Goodness through his Foundation. He has been receiving extensive support to spread goodness from citizens of various walks of life. 

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Pramod Kumar Ladda

Lead Consultant