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What Company Becho does for you! Our 2023 process for sales

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18 Feb 2023

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Company Becho

Please note we do not offer a business valuation service.

We offer a boutique and personal brokerage service, with many years’ experience behind us of selling businesses in a range of sectors. With a well-established and trusted range of business contacts you can be sure that we are a well networked business and have the experience and contacts to help you achieve your goals. We spend time listening to your needs and providing support help and guidance. What we call “A winning and proven formula to success”.

Having been in business for many years confidentiality and knowledge is the backbone of our business. Confidentiality is our utmost priority and all of the information you provide us with is not shared without your permission.

What we do for you:

You will have an initial consultation meeting to chat through your business so we can understand your reasons for selling and to discuss the best way to represent your business in the market. This can be conducted via phone, on site or at our offices to suit you.

Should you decide you wish for Company Becho to represent your business and you have signed our terms, which covers all the work we’ll do to get your business on the market and the process afterwards to get the sale over the line, and paid the commitment fee.  We will then produce a sales summary for your business which will be used to go out to market which gives a high-level overview of the key selling points of your business and the selling price.

Once the sales summary has been agreed, the sales summary will be published on our website and emailed out to our exclusive registered buyers private mailing list.

All enquiries received will come to us initially and then be re-directed to you so you will be able to filter who you wish to disclose information too. You may wish to consider asking enquirers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure any confidential information held by your business is protected. You will also be able to organise visits at times to suit you and handle any potential negotiations on sale price.

You will be contacted monthly (or longer if agreed)  where you can use our expertise and guidance for any areas you need.

At the end of a six-month period we will complete a full review of all activity undertaken and interest received and agree any additional actions that may be required.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss things further!